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Inflammatory Thoughts
Published on: June 15, 2022
I was speaking to a medical professional recently about inflammation. What came to me as we spoke was the power of inflammatory thoughts and it connected strongly to that person in the moment. It was Holy Spirit and He gave me that thought in order to bring some peace to the person.
When something is inflamed it means “to excite to excessive or uncontrollable action or feeling; especially to make angry; also to make more violent or to intensify; also to set on fire or kindle; to cause to grow hot from anger or excitement; and to cause inflammation in body tissues.
We can easily become infected with inflamed thoughts, just as our bodies can get infected with inflammation in our body tissues. I believe inflammatory thoughts fuel the process of ending up in our tissues and causing all sorts of problems which we either treat at the root, or more often we mask with various pills. I’m grateful for NSAID’s occasionally though!
If we get to the root, which is our thoughts, we can often calm our bodies down.
Talking with Holly Spirit will calm your thoughts down. He is never having a bad day and He is only excited about YOU and being in relationship with you. He’s really good at solving problems and His point of view is the only one I want to have for any situation.
Got an inflammatory situation you are facing? Talk with God first. Psalm 108:1 is great. “O God, my heart is fixed (steadfast in the confidence of faith)” Stay with that thought. My heart is NOW fixed and calm and confident in You, Lord Jesus. Together He will pace you throughout your day.
He’s a good God!