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Prayers are Substance
Published on: June 4, 2022
Yes, I know it’s Saturday but here’s a quick one for you that you may take deeper to Holy Spirit.
As I prayed through the night I thought, you know, prayers are an actual substance. They carry weight when we say them out loud. “THEY DO!” I heard God’s loud confirmation.
When we pray we are not only saying kingdom words, we are truly changing our world. We shape our worlds by our words. No wonder the devil wants us to be silent. No wonder so many have a listless prayer life.
I pray all us begin to sense that our prayers have the fire of heaven in them and are capable of changing what we see around us. We are very complexly made beings and much goes on all around us in the unseen realm at all times but our WORDS SHIFT THINGS. It may not be apparent for a while but stay faithful in prayer anyway. We will see more as we increase and remain steady in our prayer lives.
So keep praying out loud, ask God how to pray WITH HIM and pray His Word!