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Pass Your Test
Published on: May 17, 2022

I am aware that I just passed one of God’s tests. When we pass a test He puts before us we see really good results. Holy Spirit fruit emerges. It’s really wonderful but it can be very hard in the process.

God tests us in our areas of greatest gifting. We need to lay down OUR agendas, and seek HIS wisdom and perfect will in our lives. For example, I am a very good problem solver. Maybe a lot of you are! Well guess what – that leads to control many times. We can “see” how to solve something but God doesn’t want us to DO anything about it. I had to lay down what the enemy was annoying me with for over a week now and give it to God in simple obedience. Every day I would say, “yes I SEE that but I continue to give it to the Lord”  because I knew it would have been out of HIS order for me to move on it. I could feel my flesh almost crawling with wanting to “fix it” but as I walk more with Jesus and He wins me over I find that I recognize that slimy thing more & more. When GOD fixes it I am usually leaning in, listening to Him and to the other before me and it “gets fixed” in love.  What a difference.  This is for somebody today cuz God never just works on 1 person on the email chain, lol.