Every Day

I have been listening to the news more frequently just because I sit with Zoe at night while she gnaws on her Himalayan stick.  (These dog chews are great and last a long time). For about one half hour John and  I listen to World News. It can engender some negative feelings.

What is there to laugh about?  If you have a pet of any kind there are plenty of things that occur to make you smile on a routine basis. For example, I explain to Zoe that I have to “go to work downstairs” and she takes her cue.  She jumps up on our sofa, crosses her front paws and watches everyone who comes to our house through one of our windows. She looks so happy, expectant and curious that she brings a smile to the faces of the folks I counsel.

Sometimes a funny memory will just pop up and before you know it you’re giggling. You can facilitate this by mindfully recalling one every day if nothing humerous happens in your daily routine. Professional comedians find comical truths in the everyday.  They hone their perspective to pick up on behaviors and attitudes we all encounter and then they make us laugh about it.

This morning as I woke up I felt a very bad cramp start in my left foot. You know, those really nasty ones, that if they progress up to your calf you are holding on for dear life till they pass? I prayed for my left foot to heal and in that moment I recalled a funny memory. My daughter, Michele, brought up the time I “made her” watch Daniel Day-Lewis in the movie called “My Left Foot” and how much she disliked it. She was only 14 at the time and did not have any interest in this partly fictional biography, about a man born with cerebral palsy who only had control over his left foot. (He went on to become a writer and artist). At the time I assumed she enjoyed the movie as much as I did, but it just wasn’t her “thing.” As I recalled her complaining about this to me a few decades after the event, I started to chuckle.

Immediately, the cramp vanished! That had never happened before. There was always a period of time before they worked themselves out and my muscles relaxed. I recognized the power in one single chuckle. We all need to laugh more.

I know, there is a lot of heavy stuff going on in the world around us, in our government, our families and other relationships. Laugh anyway. Make it your intention to find SOMETHING to laugh at. Michele told me she fills her Facebook feed with funny videos so she can laugh every day.  That’s a good idea.

Laughing on purpose,