Every day I ask God to teach me something new when I read His Word.  I want fresh understanding at a deeper level.  Often I recognize what I had not known before.  It’s a very exciting relationship because there is always more to experience, feel and know about God.

This morning I read Luke 17.  The disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith and Jesus explained about the need to obey His commands. Soon they met up with 10 lepers and Jesus healed them.  One of them “got it” about the principle of faith. Did you know that not only are we commanded to praise and thank God because He IS worthy and that this produces growth and healing? This obedience thing is a very good deal for us.  Let’s look at the progression of events in the encounter.


The man “saw” that he was cured. At the most basic level this means he was aware in his senses that a major change happened at the word of Jesus.  He “saw” through his eyes and also through touch.  Leprosy produces roughness, disfiguration, even consumes flesh.  I am sure he inspected himself very closely, examined body parts previously eaten away and SAW they became whole.  Fully comprehending, he discerned his healing. What a WOWful connection for him with God! He used his senses, inspected himself, discerned the miracle and felt personally loved and cared for.


Then he “turned back” or “returned” to Jesus.  When in turmoil of false mindsets, turn away from them and ask the Lord for His perspective.  Shift your focus.  If it feels heavy, oppressive or fearful it is not from God.  Don’t give such thoughts any time or weight.


He “recognized” the Source of his healing.  One meaning of recognition is to be aware of someone you have known before.  I believe we were all “in God” before He sent us into the womb.  The Bible says He knit our spirit and soul together there.  When the man recognized Jesus he acknowledged His authority and worth.

Intensely thanking and praising

He then thanked and praised Jesus with a loud voice!  The word “thank” comes from the root word which means to think or know.  He absolutely knew it was Jesus who healed him.  The root word for praise means to see the worth or price of something.  He loudly commended God’s worth and gave praise and glory to God for his healing. He emitted strong and intense sounds out of his belly, through his throat.

Jesus then said, “your faith (trust and confidence in God) has healed you.”  For our faith to grow we need to give intense thanks and praise to God.  I find this especially effective when people, situations and the atmosphere around me are very negative.  How amazing to be able to shift your environment through praise!

Want more faith? Give God thanks and praise today and every day!

Merry Christmas (in case I don’t blog before the 25th)