Let it out!

I am so glad I got another dog.  For pet owners out there, you get it. I’ve never cleaned so much in my life, but the joy that Zoe has brought to me is undeniable. She makes me laugh every day.

We play hard together. When she sees me coming it’s like she wants to clear all five steps down to the yard in one bound. Do you ever participate with joy? Kelsi said ,”you’re so free  when you play with her, Mom.” How many times can one enjoy throwing a stick or a frisbee? Yet I do, repeatedly, laughing the whole time as Zoe charges at me to grab it, but not really.  Or she runs by just out of my reach until she graciously allows me to get hold of whatever object she is gripping, growling and pulling and jumping onto my very old coat with muddy paws. And I laugh each time, throwing her stuff with abandon. What fun!

Yesterday on our daily EXUBERANT walk, Zoe saw my brother-in-law, Keith, cleaning up leaves on his property. She jumped joyfully on her two back feet for quite a distance until she reached him. That was impressive. He knelt to pet her as she pranced & lunged at him. “Do you want to give kisses?” he asked and she ERUPTED with multiple licks all over him. He laughed, a common reaction to all things Zoe.

To date, the only time I have seen her “reign it in” was with an old man who was walking bowed over. As we approached him I said hi and got ready to command Zoe. Before I said anything, Zoe restrained herself mightily. She actually sat, albeit wiggling, underneath him and he laughed as he reached out. Then she lay down so he could pet her easier. She tuned in to his disability and gave him love.

Kelsi got mad when Zoe stole her chicken off her plate. She yelled at her and would not calm down when I tried to reason with her. Suddenly, God interrupted. Kelsi started to chuckle. “Mom, God just said ‘why don’t you look at it this way? Zoe never gets human food, that was a treat for her.’ I never thought of it like that, it’s true.” Peace came in because God is peace and He is a genius. He always knows JUST what to say.

Do you want to experience joy? I feel this in my relationship with God. He is the One who told me, “dogs teach people unconditional love,” as I worked in my office one day. You don’t have to get a pet to bubble over with joy. God just chose to show me a piece of His “more” through a joyful husky. I then spread the much needed afterglow to others.

No matter what is going on in your life right now, I encourage you to ask God to experience His joy.

He came to bring us abundant life! “Zoe” means life. That’s what God told me to name her.

Blessings, blessings, blessings to you