God is inviting us to agree with Him for an increase in our faith level NOW because something new is in the atmosphere and it’s also coming. Yes, it is both here now and it is coming in the future. He also said He is faithful! He will show up! I use exclamation marks on this because in a dream He came in the form of someone I love and beamed joyfully as those exact words were spoken.  I smiled at this person and said that was an awesome thing! I woke up tingling and was full of energy all day.  That is one of the markers I use to decipher a God encounter from a regular dream. (Yes, God may speak “in a dream when deep sleep falls on men while slumbering upon the bed, then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction.”  Job 33:15-16.)

I prayed for more understanding about this faith thing and He used the word “circumstances” so that I understood He wants us to believe great and amazing things about Him as He intervenes in the events of our lives.

Do you believe God will show up for YOU? Do you hold that belief in the face of adversity that doesn’t let up? I do. I am bull-dog optimistic. I’m like Zoe who will hold onto a stick with her teeth when someone is pulling with great strength to dislodge it. Why? When personal trials increase in intensity I become more determined to see God triumph in them. I’m not saying I don’t get knocked down here and there. I just get back up and declare truth out loud. God will show up! He doesn’t have to do it the way I expect, either.  If I don’t see this reality yet, I have faith that He will and that is what I say into the atmosphere around me.  Remember, faith that is visible is not faith.  We have faith for what we don’t see yet.  Believing God without the tangible proof in our hands forms gold inside us.

Speak gold and move forward!