Love and Training

Zoe got loose.  Her collar simply popped off her neck as she lunged after a very mischievous squirrel which led her on a merry chase to the base of a tree at the end of my Mom’s yard.

This past week, out of nowhere, the thought came to me to work more on commands she had learned previously. “Sit, stay, come” – especially “come” because this can be a life saver for a pet.  She listened very well.  I began the training with “Zoe, LOOK,” to get her attention.  Her eyes locked in to mine and she executed the correct behaviors. (I think I will try this with John!)

As I saw her begin the husky dance of “oh my goodness, I’m FREE,” she actually shook her head in joy.  She didn’t just run, she pranced, forgetting all about the wayward squirrel that began the chaos.  I thought, oh dear, she is really enjoying that sense of freedom.  I was also aware of the danger of cars in the background, going up and down the street, as Zoe ran around, abandoning herself to the moment.

I stayed calm.  “Zoe, come,” I called as I knelt down.  She totally ignored me, ran under the neighbor’s fence and stuck her nose in a hole.  I repeated my command as she began running in crazy circles, hearing me but not wanting to.  This went on for a bit till I said, “God, make her come.”

Immediately she began to zip by me, growling with pleasure in her “you can’t catch me” attitude.  (Have you ever seen a Husky take  off?  They’re correct, you CAN’T catch them, they have to want to return.) Her circles got closer till she came right up to me and sat.  It was amazing. I thanked God. In that moment I recognized He gave me the thought to repeat training with her. He is so good.  He knows what is coming, prepares us to face it and helps us in the moment.

I know that Zoe is bonded to me.  She looks me in the eye all the time, snuggles up to me on the sofa, goes crazy when I return home, etc. I also know that she loved being totally free for those moments.  I’m so glad love and training tempered her desire to run farther away.

It’s like that with God. He gives us tremendous training through His Word.  This grounds us when temptations come our way.  His love is so irresistible we want to return, be with Him and be like Him.

If you experienced a “mixed bag” with attachment to parents (as most people have) that means you did not get the love and connection to the extent that you needed as a child.  Just ask God for more love.  Do it every day and watch what happens!

In love and training,