“Astoundingly Wonderful”

See that person over there? How about talking to them? Kelsi does it all the time. I guess that makes her an extrovert.

Here is her latest encounter. She was reading a book in the local Barnes and Noble store and noticed a man, about her dad’s age, reading a history book about  wars. He was seated a few feet from her chair. She began to ask him about himself. What was his name, why was he reading that particular book, etc.  He responded to her immediately, as though this didn’t happen to him very often.

It turns out this older gentleman was a Vietnam veteran.  He began to tell Kelsi about his life, that he had PTSD and still suffered from nightmares and flashbacks.  “Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that,” Kelsi said. The concern on her face as she recounted this to me was exactly what he saw that day.  I believe he felt cared for, honored and even comforted by her interest in him.

Then he told her many of his friends had committed suicide.  “He said they do this every day, Mom!  That’s terrible!  I didn’t know that!  So I prayed to God really hard that this would stop.  God told me it was ‘astoundingly wonderful’ that I prayed for him and for them.  But then I had a bad dream about a storm coming and I heard ‘you better get ready.’  I felt really scared. What do you think it means, Mom?”  Her huge blue eyes cornered me again. I am so done with this fear thing.

“Let’s ask God,” I said, feeling peaceful.  I have such an increased awe about Jesus now.  This was simply intimidation coming in the dream realm, where Kelsi and I are both able to receive, from God or the enemy, when the latter intrudes.  I waited.

“He said there’s a lot of stuff going on around me, especially since I prayed for those vets,” Kelsi was still fearful.  Enough of that.

“How about this? I now agree with your prayer, and I tell the enemy to go to the feet of Jesus.  I also decree that no harm shall come to you in the form of kickback for your prayer.  The Bible says ‘no weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall show to be in the wrong.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord; this is the vindication which they obtain from Me, says the Lord.'” (Isaiah 54:17, Amplified Bible).

Kelsi smiled.  A phrase of a song came to me.  “You know that song that says ‘you can’t touch this?’ That’s like Jesus.  The enemy can’t touch him.  He is so much greater and He has you covered.”  Now she started laughing because MC Hammer sang that with gusto.

Notice the words God used with Kelsi. “Astoundingly wonderful” says much more than “way to go, Kelsi.”  When He compliments us, He does it up big!  Open up our hearts to pray like Kelsi does, God!

Ah, Jesus.  We can touch Him, but the enemy can’t!

Staying covered,