This was a first!

I just finished attending my third “Release the Writer” conference with Wendy K. Walters.  Why have I gone thrice?  Didn’t I understand the content from the outset?

Actually, no, I did not comprehend all the conference material during or after the first two times but that was because I was focused on the idea of actually writing my memoir about raising Kelsi. It was an overwhelming prospect to consider putting our story down into words. Wendy’s choice of title for her meetings is apt. I “got released” and wrote my book, “Can you just…love her?” It became available on Amazon last year on Mother’s Day.

It was quite a vulnerable undertaking. I know I was more concerned about it than Kelsi was. When I asked her about sharing our trials she said she was fine with it. “I think people ought to know, Mom,” was her comment.  I am both glad I completed the project and grateful to Wendy for her heart in finding and launching folks like me.

Today was my first international sales day. What fun to see a deposit into my account from “Amazon Australia.” The royalty was a bit less than what I have earned for books sold in the USA, but who cares? Then I thought, hey, maybe it was Rose! What a hoot if my friend, Rose, the “comedian on za stage” bought it. (If you are lost here, see my previous blog of September 13, 2017, entitled “Conferences, Plane Rides and Armenian Grandmas.”)  Even if you read it before, it’s worth a review. I am smiling as I pull up her dear face. My contact with Rose happened after the second “Release the Writer” conference I had attended.

I am now looking at three new possible writing ventures.  The idea for two of them happened before I attended this latest gathering. It feels like an acceleration is happening.  Take some new steps. I bet things could speed up for you too.

I did not think I could write a book. I did it before medicare insurance began. I will write more books, never mind my age. What unexplored possibility could be down the road for you? What steps would you need to take to make it a reality?  What words would you need to say over yourself?  What connections could be there for you that you haven’t imagined?  It is a very healthy thing to ponder wonderful future events. Once Kelsi said  “sometimes imagination and reality are the same thing.”  I know what she meant.  Something starts to go into motion when we spend extended periods of time focusing on big God ideas.  Wendy also touched on this truth over the weekend.

Fears of self-condemnation and comparison stall and stalk us. Deceptions about our comfort zones keep us stuck in routine. Blah! Blech!  There are a few more Charlie Brown sayings I could invoke here, but you get my drift.  I say it is time to emerge from the old mindsets and receive the blessings that await you.

Continuing to Transform,