The Wrong Voice

I haven’t blogged in several weeks. This is not ok. Yesterday when I was deleting some old bookmarks I saw a previous blog called “Get back up again.” Out of them all, why did I bookmark that one? Seriously, I did not do that for any of my other writings. Oh, another God wink. He knew I would need this reminder down the road.

Now Zoe is barking.  It is 6:10 a.m. and she knows I’m up. This could be more interference, but I usually don’t respond to her right away. I know she can hold for a bit longer. Let’s see how quickly I can type this.

Yes, I got sidetracked. It started with one thought. “Oh, you don’t need to come up with anything this week. What will it hurt to  skip this one time?” That was the slippery slope that led me to not blogging the next week. Can you relate?

Then life started to hit Kelsi harder than usual. Well, certainly this was another great reason not to blog. I was waist high in mud, plowing through the days. How could I be expected to write? I felt overwhelmed and sad about her struggles, yet meeting with others in theirs consistently brought me energy, focus and hope. Remember – we are all in this together.

Note that the negative slope started with one little suggestion. It was not a blatantly evil command that would have been easy to dismiss. It sounded SO reasonable that I followed it and it derailed me for several weeks. It’s true that Kelsi’s problems escalated to a new high but that was not the original reason I stopped. It started with that question that was posed to my mind and I followed it. Come to think of it, it sounded like that snake in the garden. “Did God really say…?” I could have said no to it. I chose not to. That was a bad choice and I have decided to pivot on it. I am so glad we can do this! What voice are you listening to? I encourage you to start paying attention to that.

God is omnipresent, very compassionate, focused and highly motivated to get my holy butt back in gear. It is now 6:35 a.m. and Zoe really needs to go outside. Stay tuned for future blogs.

Glad for bookmarks