Can You Just... Love Her?

A Mother’s Journey with Autism

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“God’s presence to guide and direct both Kathi and Kelsi became very real as both mother and daughter tapped into some deeper realms of who God really is.”

I asked God, how do we access truth about ourselves? I meant, how do we honestly look at our inner landscape without flinching, pulling away, or resorting to condemnation? His answer was quite simple and almost immediate. "Through kindness," He said.

About Kathi

When I got the diagnosis that my then five-year-old daughter had “pervasive developmental disorder” I was devastated.

As a psychologist I understood that this term was under the category of autism, a disability of life-long impact. As other possible diagnoses presented themselves over the years, the pressure to “fix” her became impossible.

God's got this.

“This beautifully written, heart-felt story is for anyone who longs to draw close to God, but especially for those wondering what to do in the midst of difficult, hard to understand situations. Kathi’s deep desire to share how God helped her to get beyond a clinical analysis of her daughter’s problems and see into her heart will keep you reading this story until the very end.